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3 Make or Break Tips For A Smooth Home Building Process

Building a new construction home is a very exciting time. Most people’s minds will jump right to the move-in process or picking out who and what goes in which room or how your new home will be decorated. And while all of that is certainly important, it is crucial not to forget all of the steps that must come before–mainly ensuring that the home building process goes smoothly.

Poor planning and budget miscalculations can trigger various inconveniences, delays, and ultimately, disastrous mistakes. You must consider and anticipate all aspects of your new home–from size and layout to appearance and functionality–to ensure everything fits into your current and future lifestyle expectations.

Here are 5 tips to help keep your home building process focused and on track so that you can remain stress-free and excited about your family’s new journey.


Woman sipping tea as she browses the internet on her laptop in a new home in Central Florida.

So, you have decided to build a new construction home. Where to start? First, choose a community and home builder that is right for you. Research the area and neighborhood, as well as the builder. Ask for references, review the builder’s warranty, and seek legal assistance to review the contract. Next, you need to find the best lot to build your home upon–taking into account location, orientation, shape, and features of the property.

Then, pick a home design and floor plan that will work best for you and your family. There is much to consider here, but at first, focus on your needs–square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms–then, move on to your wish list. Ask the builder what kind of modifications and enhancements can be made to the plans and how much those will cost.

Take your time in the planning process. Rushing through raises the potential for issues and regrets later down the line, including budget surprises or overlooking an important feature.


Credit cards laid out on a flat surface as a symbol for financing a new home.

It is important to establish your financial plan well ahead of time. Know how much you have to spend overall, as well as any wiggle room or emergency funds you may have access to should the need arise. Setting a budget will help you determine what will and won’t be possible throughout the home building process.

If you are using a financing program for your new home, choosing a lender with construction loan experience is always beneficial. Armed with a better understanding of the construction loan process, an experienced and trusted lender will be better able to help you plan, as well effectively communicate with the builder. If the builder and lender have worked together before and are familiar with one another’s processes, then even better!

Layout and space functionality

Space planning and design are crucial for almost every home. Do you want an open floor plan? Which rooms will be a focal point and which rooms need to be more private? How close are the bedrooms to one another? How much closet and storage space will you need and where? How many bathrooms are appropriate? Where and how will you access your home most frequently? Does this aid or deter the flow through your home? Where is the kitchen and laundry room located in relation to other rooms? How big of a garage do you need?

These are just some of the endless questions you need to consider when building a new home. Prioritization depends on the person or family, but all need to be addressed. Anticipating and adding any future life changes into your design will also help facilitate many happy years in your home to come.

At Stanley Martin Homes, we are committed to providing you with the smoothest home building process possible. As a home builder with a knowledgeable design and sales teams, we can walk you through these many decisions thanks to years of practical experience. Contact us today for more information on our home building process, as well as our various homes and communities across Central Florida.