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Guide to Avoiding Clutter While Moving Into Your New Home

You have just purchased your brand new Stanley Martin Home in the Orlando or Tampa area and moving day has arrived. The story’s typically the same: the movers have dropped off the last of the boxes and you unpacked most essentials, like your bed, television, computer, a few clothes, and maybe some cookware. You pat yourself on the back only to turn around and find stacks of unopened boxes yet to be explored.

When moving into a new home, clutter can come in the form of still-packed furniture, pictures, piles of old packing materials, and even cleaning supplies, which can start to take up space over time, so here’s are some ways to avoid the clutter and get your new home in order.

Assess the Damage

The best way to tackle clutter is to go room by room and take an inventory of everything that needs to go. Make a master list of items from each room of your home, then sit down and mark everything that you and your family would consider a “non essential”.

This could be anything from extra stools and ottomans to larger pieces of furniture, clothing, dishes and lawn care equipment and more. Whatever it may be, make sure you commit yourself to its proper disposal or donation when it comes time.

Remove the Excess Only

When faced with a seemingly insurmountable mess, some of us tend to enlist the “scorched Earth” tactic, in that we’ll just scrap everything and try to start fresh.

The problem with this approach is when you resolve yourself to getting rid of everything at once; you end up becoming too anxious to give away anything at all. It’s a cycle that can easily be broken by simply getting rid of the things you truly don’t need.

That master list you made earlier? Use it as a reference when deciding what to donate or toss and what to treasure. It will make the process far more manageable for everyone involved, because you’ll have already committed to parting with these things in the first place.

Form Good Habits

Once you’ve gotten rid of everything you intend to, start incorporating habits that will help you keep your new Stanley Martin home clean and clutter free. It feels great to start with a clean slate.

Be mindful of what you use certain empty spaces for, and become more critical as to whether a certain space actually needs to be occupied by something. Establishing cleaning routines that the whole family can participate in is also a great way to be more proactive in the way your home is kept.

Essentially, taking care of little issues before they become big problems is the best way to maintain a clutter-free home for you and your family.

With Stanley Martin Homes at the helm, we can ensure you and your family gets settled into the home of your dreams with an easy process that’s fast, efficient, and stress free. If you’re in the market for a new home in Orlando, Tampa, or any of the surrounding areas we service, call us at (407) 590-3501, or email our Online Concierge, Todd Simon, at