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5 Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home

Graduating college, getting married, having children, buying your first home – although not always in that order, these major events are milestones in all of our lives. When it comes to owning a new home in Orlando or Tampa, taking that next step can bring about an unmatched sense of accomplishment, not to mention a place you can finally call truly your own.

Think homeownership might be in your near future? Keep reading for the top five signs you’re ready to buy your first home.

You’re ready to settle down.

Whether you’re a newlywed, growing your family or thinking about tomorrow, becoming a homeowner can be the first step in preparing you for that next stage in life. predicts that 61% of homebuyers in 2017 will be under age 35, so if you fall into the group, your first home is a way to put down roots and provide security for your family, your loved ones and your future.

You’ve cut down your debt.

Whether you’ve just paid off your car or reached zero-balance on your credit card, cutting down your debt can be liberating. It can also set you up for a new investment – buying a home. Having less debt can positively impact your credit score, helping you secure the mortgage rates and terms you need to make your homeownership goals come true.

You can’t wait to try out your DIY skills.

Always dreamed of planting a vegetable garden in your backyard? Want to finally get around to refinishing that vintage dresser you bought? If these projects sound like great weekend plans, you might be ready to buy your first home. One of the most amazing parts of owning a home is getting to make it truly your own. From your interior design to bringing your Pinterest dreams to life, this is your chance to make a house a home.

You’ve built up your savings.

Buying a home is a big investment, and one you need to be prepared for financially as well as mentally. If you’ve been putting money away for some time, and have built a solid savings account, allocating that money towards your first home can be rewarding in more ways than one. Keep in mind, you’ll also need a healthy pool of emergency savings separate from your down payment savings, in case of a rainy day.

You want a community that fits your lifestyle.

Do you find yourself wishing for a yard for your pup to run around in? Need extra storage space that your apartment just can’t provide? Maybe you love going for runs but your current neighborhood isn’t exactly pedestrian friendly? Buying a home lets you be more specific as far as the kind of neighborhood and features you’re looking for, including fenced-in backyards, attached garages and “walkable” communities.

Found yourself nodding along to these signs? It might be time for you to take the first step towards homeownership. Stanley Martin Homes can help. Whether you’re looking for new homes for sale in Orlando, Tampa, Kissimmee or other part of Central Florida, we can help you find or build your dream home.