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Design Center Top Picks 2018: Interview with Nathaniel Cyr, Director of Architecture & Design

Like high fashion, home design trends change with the seasons. While some design ideas are timeless, others are only here for a short while. Admittedly, it is not always easy to keep up with these ever-evolving trends and tastes. So, when designing your new home, how do stay up on these ever-changing trends?

At Stanley Martin Homes, we are eager to help you every step of the way towards homeownership, and that includes home design. When you make a home design appointment, we encourage you to come with ideas, a wishlist, and a flexible, open-mind.

Nathaniel Cyr, Director of Architecture & Design, is here to discuss three of the most popular current trends in home design.

White washed wood tile that is a popular inspiration for new homeowners at Stanley Martin Homes, a new home builder, in Central Florida.First up, wood-look tile flooring. Relatively new, but increasingly popular, wood-look tile flooring is a viable option for homeowners who want the classic look of wood, but available in more colors and finishes.

“Homeowners are wanting wood-look tiles–almost half of [the] people I meet with want them,” Nate reveals. “For those who can work it into their budget, porcelain planks are preferred. For a more economical alternative, many are choosing ceramic. Both are durable options.”

And speaking of that, wood-like tile flooring is also more durable–meaning more scratch-resistant and weather-resilient, which is especially important in the warm, humid Florida climate.

Next up, quartz countertops. According to Nate, “Quartz countertops–especially in the kitchen–are still very desirable. Light colors are most popular, with marble looks being the most sought out.”

In addition to its diverse design possibilities, quartz has a lot going for it. It is non-porous, which means it resists staining better than marble, granite, and concrete. It is also durable and very low maintenance.White painted cabinets that are on trend for current design selections from new homeowners at Stanley Martin Homes

Finally, continue to grow more popular and customizable. “Painted cabinets continue to perform well, but we are seeing a shift away from only white finishes,” Nate explains. “Softer, muted grays are becoming more readily available, and our homeowners are loving those too.”

Painted cabinets can give your kitchen a completely new and unique look from normal kitchens. In addition to making your kitchen look nicer, painted cabinets also help to make your space appear larger and more inviting.

At Stanley Martin Homes, our goal is to help you build your dream home. Whatever we can do along the way, including design, to help you realize your vision of your new home. Contact our sales representatives today to learn more about our fully customizable homes.