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How you know its time for you to build a new home

Ready to control a new build?

You’ve done your homework. Searched for hours online, met with your realtor to walk through tons of homes and you just can’t seem to find the house that you can picture as your home. When working with a new home builder, you get the control to build a one of a kind home that is unique and suitable for you and your family’s needs. Whether its space, a specific number of bedrooms, a special place for your interests and hobbies, or simply just the features and finishes that you get to choose, with a new home you are in control of making a house your home.

Building a new home gives you financial control of your investment.

There are many factors that come into play when pricing out a house. Everything from the land, construction materials, vendors, and finishes can all vary the overall cost of a home. When building a home, you have control over the land you choose, the materials and the vendors used, and the finishes you choose. This gives you control over your budget.

Choosing where to build is important to your decision.

Most people would agree that location is the most common reason for wanting to move in the first place. For some, its everyday reasons such as commute time to work, schools in the area, or being closer to loved ones and friends. For others, it’s more of a personal preference. Maybe you are ready for a new location, you have found a lot that is breathtaking and you couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, or you are ready to move into a developing community. At Stanley Martin Homes, we are proud to call Central Florida our home. From Wesley Chapel on the West, Grand Island to the North, Longwood centrally located, or Kissimmee to the South, here at Stanley Martin Homes we have made it a point to have locations for everyone.

You are ready to be involved throughout the entire process.

Unlike purchasing a resale home building a new home can take anywhere from four to ten months to complete. During this time, you are involved in every step of the process. From choosing the land the home is built on, picking floorplans or designing them to fit all of your personal needs, walking the home at various stages of construction. Picking out all of the finishes and features of the home, you are involved every step of the way.