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New Home Builder Design Trends 2017

Over the past months, I have come to realize how much the social aspect of entertaining family and friends has returned to the home. Family Dinners are back to being cooked in the Kitchen, Birthday Parties are once again celebrated in the backyard, and kid’s sleepovers have once again taken over the living room. With the rise in home entertainment, the design of the homes themselves has adjusted as well. Here are design trends for new home builders this year:

Built-In Bars

Larger Open Concept Spaces and Great Rooms, Dining Rooms connected to the Kitchen, and outdoor living spaces as well such as a Covered Lanai. Another trend that is starting to pop up as well is Built-In Bar spaces. New Home Builders are thinking outside of the box to be sure to maximize all usable space in their homes which in turn gives you and your family extra usable space as well as functional and luxurious features within your home. Having a built-in bar is the perfect space to store your beautiful glassware, your favorite spirits, and a small added detail that will WOW your guests in your new community.

Marble and Quartz Surfaces

Marble and Quartz surfaces are quickly becoming the “norm” when it comes to solid surfaces in your new home for a variety of reasons. From being easy to clean to the vast variety of tones, textures, and colors available it is quick to say that solid surfaces are the way to go. One thing to note is the differences between Marble and Quartz and the best use of each material within your home.

Marble is a porous material because it is made of natural stone. The porous texture of this stone allows for the stone to be manipulated into various colors and hues to fit each individual pallet. The quality of the natural stone is also highly resistant and durable, lasting an upwards of 20 years. These qualities make Marble an ideal surface for bathroom surfaces. Unlike Marble, Quartz is not a natural stone, it is, in fact, a manufactured “marble” product. This is what makes Quartz an ideal surface for the Kitchen. The durability of Quartz is just as good as Marble but the non-porous surface also helps with heat resistance as well as stain resistance, therefore, it will not absorb anything that may be spilled on the surface and will also not harbor bacteria or viruses.

Blue, White, Grey

Pick up a home décor magazine, scroll through Pinterest, or walk through any home décor store and you will find a vast variety of Deep Blues, Soft Greys, and Crisp White’s proving this color combination has made its mark and is making a very clear statement that it’s here to stay. From Traditional French Blues to Modern Sapphire Jewel Toned accent, Clean and Distressed Farmhouse Whites and a range of soft and subtle to dark and moody gray, this color pallet is fresh, clean, pigmented and can go from subtle to vibrant with just a simple switch of the shade. Try it in your new home, it’s worth it!