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Production vs. Custom Home Builders

Examining the Pros and Cons For Your New Home

Finding a qualified home builder that you can trust is one of the biggest challenges you will face once you decide to build your new home. Most can be categorized as either production or custom home builders, with very distinct differences between the two. It is important to know the difference between the two and what each can offer you. So, what does that mean for you and your home–and how do you choose the right one for you and your family?

The difference between production vs. custom home builders

A production home uses one of the often many pre-planned house designs and floor plans multiple times, which all but eliminates the chance of error during construction thanks to this experience and familiarity. Built by volume home builders, these homes are most often seen in developed communities outside more densely populated cities. In these suburban areas, these builder subdivides large tracts of land to fit several affordably priced luxury homes into one cohesive community.

On the other hand, custom homes are typically uniquely designed and built from scratch on an individually owned parcel of land. This process is significantly more involved and time-consuming with collaboration between the homeowner, architect, custom builder, and others as the main path to success.

Architecture and design elements in action as this new home is being built as a custom home.Pros and cons of production homes

Typically built with a diverse range of price points, production homes offer tremendous value and more cost-savings for consumers. There is less hassle and plenty of options to choose from without being as overwhelming as a completely blank canvas. This process is also less time-consuming and does not require the stress of day-to-day decision making or the problems that can arise from a more custom job. Production is more streamlined, which allows you and your family to move into your dream much quicker.

Of course, with production homes, you do lose some degree of originality and choice. Due to the seemingly similar nature of these homes, some people feel that their homes are not unique. But most builders offer various add-ons, alterations, and enhancements, as well as customizable options, such as paint colors, flooring, and other design features. Stanley Martin Homes’ design studio has tons of options for you to choose any many different price points to make your house unique. 

Brown slats of wood flooring as an example of a type of floor you can choose with a new home by Stanley Martin Homes in Central Florida.Pros and cons of custom homes

The main benefits of custom homes are choice and flexibility in almost all aspects of the home building process. The builder is free to mix styles and designs to create something tailor-fitted to the buyer’s wants and needs. For some, this equates to a higher quality home, which may not be exactly true in terms of craftsmanship and durability, but perhaps a better customer satisfaction level.

However, all of this flexibility comes at a higher cost and time commitment. Custom homes typically cost more and are harder to budget for. These homes also come with a higher probability of errors, unexpected delays, and unforeseen costs than an average production home–all of which raises the potential for stress and frustration.

Each person must evaluate their budget, schedule, and home construction options before deciding between a production or custom home build.  Determine your perfect balance of customization, price, and responsibility that you wanting to incur while building your new home. Once you have made your choice, be sure to select a proven home builder that can meet your needs and budget while building your dream home.

At Stanley Martin Homes, we build special homes in great neighborhoods at exceptional prices. Contact us today for more information on how we can build your dream home.