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Get it Sold! Tips on Getting Your Current House Sold

Some homes sell fast while others sit on the market for what seems like an eternity. How do the quick sellers do it? Of course, lots of factors come into play in real estate, but there are a few things you can do to make your home more marketable and likely to sell quicker. Check out these proven tips and get your house sold now!  

Set the right price

There is a common misconception that you should start your asking price high and then lower it later only if you have to. This is not only misguided but can often also lead to a longer, more drawn out selling process, especially since the listing will garner the most attention in the first 30 days on the market. With a too steep price, realtors and potential buyers might assume you are not a serious seller or unwilling to negotiate.

Writing details of selling homes on graph paper and highlighting important selling ideas for getting your house sold.

List your home everywhere

This should fall under the responsibility of the listing agent, but it can’t hurt to double check and double down. Make sure your home’s listing is accompanied by numerous professional photos and all the details are accurate on all the major real estate sites, including Trulia, Zillow, HomeFinder,, and more. And don’t forget about social media! More and more homes are being sold with help from Facebook every year.

Increase your curb appeal

Probably one of the most well-known selling tips, but still one of the most important. The first thing potential buyers are going to see is the outside of the home. This includes the house itself, as well as landscaping, property features, and even the mailbox. Replace what needs to be replaced, fix what needs to be fixed–just make sure the home looks magnificent when buyers pull into the driveway.

Create a welcoming entrance

An extension of your curb appeal, the entrance to your home–from the front door to the foyer–sets the tone for the rest of the viewing. Wow them in the beginning and everything will seem better from that point forward. Try fresh flowers and a welcoming scent to set the mood just right.

Clean, declutter, and depersonalize

An important trick to remember is: the fewer things in your home taking up space, the larger it will appear–this includes bulky and unnecessary furniture. And it should go without saying that a clean home is required when showing it. Finally, take down any personal photos and religious items so that people can envision their families living there and not be distracted by yours. Don’t take this personally, just remember that selling a house is a business and you have to remove your emotions from it.

Making sure your home is clean by mopping the floors will attract buyers when trying to sell your home to buy a new home.

Setup your home the way it was intended

Everyone knows about the bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchen. Those rooms need little explanation. But what about the small room at the end of the hallway that you use as an office or storage? Could that sell better as a spare bedroom? Your goal is to make your home as functional and accommodating as possible.

Make your home easy to show

When it comes to showing your home, don’t be restrictive or uncooperative to potential buyers. Be prepared for early morning, after work, and weekend showings. Also, don’t make it awkward. Leave whenever the house is being shown so that visitors can move freely and not feel pressured.

Remove the pet evidence

When you leave, be sure to bring your pets with you, too. Also, remove or hide any pet paraphernalia, such as food and water dishes, toys, beds, and, of course, litter boxes. Remove the smell and distraction that comes with a pet in the home.

Let the light shine

Whether not enough or too much, most homes are improperly lit. Make sure all of your lights–from accent lighting to outdoor spotlights–are properly calibrated. Natural lighting is equally as important. Letting in outside light will brighten any space and make the room feel larger and more welcoming.

Sunshine and puffy clouds overhead at one of many Stanley Martin Homes properties in Central Florida.

Talk up the neighborhood

You are not only selling your home, but also the neighborhood. People want to know they moving to a safe, desirable area filled with great schools, plenty of recreational opportunities, and lots of entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. Make sure this information is in the listing, as well as any other promotional material you provide.

And once you sell your current home, you will need a new one–and that is where Stanley Martin Homes can help you! We have available homes in Central Florida, as well a new construction homes in 10 luxury communities across the state. Contact us today for more information on our new home buying opportunities.