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Top Ten Reasons to Buy A New Home in Orlando

People are moving to Florida from all over the United States, and with good reason! New homes in Central Florida are at a great price, but this is an incentive that won’t last long due to the demand. Why should people move to Florida, particularly in Orlando? From the weather to the current buying market, people can’t go wrong buying a new home in Orlando and its surrounding areas.

1. Weather

From Pensacola to Miami, Florida has terrific weather year-round. Even during the heat of the summer, Floridians enjoy the warmth. Florida experiences a moderate amount of rain, but the weather rarely interferes with anyone who wishes to participate in outdoor fun. Because Orlando is in Central Florida, you can count on mild temps during the winter and comfortably warm summer temperatures.

2. Walt Disney World

It is the happiest place on earth – Disney! It’s located right in the heart of Orlando, too. Of course, as a resident, you might not want to move to Orlando to go to Disney World any time you wish, but the park provides ample opportunities for entertainment as well as employment. This is particularly important if you have teenagers looking for part-time work.

3. Other Theme Parks

Not only is Orlando home to Disney, but it is also home to Universal Studios and Sea World. Again, both of these parks provide a great deal of employment opportunities. Then, there are those who simply want to enjoy these parks anytime they wish. Living in Orlando definitely provides this!

4. Orlando’s Other Entertainment

Orlando is a tourist mecca, but residents can benefit from this fact as well. Orlando is home to many tasty restaurants, often offering exotic fare. Local owners provide a number of tasty fare; international food is also a popular restaurant choice for residents of Orlando. Of course, a city as diverse as Orlando is going to be home to some fine dining establishments as well. Every kind of food you could possibly desire from seafood to Thai cuisine is available here.

5. New Home in Orlando Prices are Reasonable – For Now

As of this writing, the average price of a family home in the Orlando area is under $200,000. However, home prices are beginning to rise. Orlando is such a popular place to live – whether you are 18 or 81! Retirees are moving to the area as well as families with young children, making the demand for homes in Orlando grow. Of course, with any type of supply and demand situation, the fewer items people seek, the higher the price. The time to move to Orlando and buy a new home is now!

6. Employment Opportunities

Previously, the idea of working at one of the Walt Disney World resorts or at Universal Studios was mentioned. However, Orlando is home to many other employment opportunities, and they are in high-paying professions.

Of the top, in-demand jobs in Orlando, a nurse practitioner is at the top of the list. By 2024, it is projected that there will be over 12,000 openings in this field alone! Other medical jobs are also in high demand. Physician’s assistants are highly sought in this area.

Surprisingly, blue-collar jobs are also in high demand in the Orlando area, and they pay very well! A new home builder will find much work in the Orlando area and its suburbs. Construction in all areas will be highly demanded, but the new home builder will find him or herself even busier as people continue to move in to the area. Across the country, young and old are considering a new home in Orlando.

Other labor jobs are growing as well. Pipe fitters and miners are also jobs that are predicted to be the fastest growing in Orlando over the next five years. Therefore, anyone from any employment background can come to Orlando and find gainful employment.

7. Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living index in Orlando is 23.09 percent, which is four points lower than the national average. The average income in Orlando for a single person is $49,483; the cost of living for a four-person family is estimated to be $3,100. (This is without counting rent or mortgage.) For a single person, the average cost of living is $870.04.

While it is not exactly cheap to live in Orlando, it is highly affordable. Typically, though, the new home in Orlando is a great investment.

8. Top-Notch Education

Orlando is home to many colleges and universities as well as a top-rated public school system. The University of Central Florida, Valencia College, Florida Technical College, Adventist University of Health Sciences, Florida A&M University (College of Law) all call Orlando home.

Not only does Orlando have a great secondary education system, the public and private elementary and high schools in the city are all top-performing. This is only one benefit of a new home in Orlando.

9. Beaches

If you are looking for “new homes near me,” in Orlando, you are likely to find some beautiful property that overlooks the water. The beaches in Florida are always breathtaking, and those in the Orlando area are no different. A condo on the beach might just be the very new home in Orlando you’re looking for.

10. Investment Property in Orlando will Likely Produce a High Return

Because of the tourism industry and the desire of many retirees to move to Orlando, getting involved in investment property is a great way to make residual income. People are constantly Googling “new homes near me” or “new home Central Florida” and finding great rental property. You can see not only a great return on your investment but also even more residual income. Invest in real estate and invest in a new home in Orlando – you won’t be disappointed!